made in africa : seven publishers

There has been an impressive upsurge in African Literature. At times I think that the congratulations of a European and North American readership is the highest pinnacle for African writers. Once you make it in the United States you really have made it. Is this true? How does it affect the writing of African authors? … Continue reading made in africa : seven publishers


I remember the old gramophone in our living-room. It was a very old one, with the needle and a big horn for the sound. Nowadays I have a modern version to listen to my collection of old records, bringing back memories.   Here you find a story on an old gramophone, an uncle and dust … Continue reading gramophone

sol t plaatje

In discussions on the boundaries and the content of African Literature I hardly ever hear the name of the South African writer Sol T. Plaatje. Yes, Sol T. Plaatje (1876 – 1932). He did not belong to the group of diaspora writers. He stayed in South Africa in turbulent times and he did write. The … Continue reading sol t plaatje

askari author jacob dlamini

On which side of the barricades are you? Jacob Dlamini did research for his book on collabaration and betryal in the days of the apartheid regime in South Africa. People turned from fighting against the system to betrayal of the opponents of the system. What happened to them? How are they doing now? Eugene de … Continue reading askari author jacob dlamini