creative writing workshops

There is still the discussion raging about teaching creative writing. It started in the United States of America (this teaching !) and has spread all around over the Anglophone world. Will it deliver results? How many good writers had their start at classes as these? I do not know. Maybe a good editor at a … Continue reading creative writing workshops

diplomat’s bag yields its bounty

He was a Brtish High Commissioner in South Africa in the heady days of aprtheid and dismantling the apartheid political system. Now he has written a book on this period of his life and the country of South Africa. He writes about the main characters in the United Kingdom, South Africa and the ANC. He … Continue reading diplomat’s bag yields its bounty

six years in an african village

The title of this post is not the title of the book mentioned in this post. For the benefit of a wider audience probably it was mentioned that the book was about life in an African village. It gets complicated when you mention a specific country in your post, doesn’t it?  The writer of the … Continue reading six years in an african village

review DJEKI

What a mindblowing story, this DJEKI.  Djeki is a musical tale form the southern parts of Cameroon, part of the tradition of the Dwala-people. This is musical theater in the world of oral literature.  When Djeki is performed there is a storyteller, there are musicians, there is an participating audience. I imagine a village-scene, at … Continue reading review DJEKI