sudden flowers

The Ethiopia-rooted writer Maaza Mengiste draws attention to a book titled “Sudden Flowers”. The book contains many pictures shot in Ethiopia. Children who have met HIV/Aids are pictured. They have lost thier parents. Over many years Gottesman (= Man of God) travelled to Ethiopia to work on his project and involve the children in this … Continue reading sudden flowers

the parable of the good somalian

Those of you who a bit about the Bible, might know the parable about the Good Samaritan, told by Jesus Christ. The Samaritans were a group of people during his days who were of mixed descent (Jewish and non-Jewish). In the days of Jesus Jews avoided contact with Samaritans, they even did not like to … Continue reading the parable of the good somalian

all for a thousand literary

I tend to put a questionmark when a person is announced as “there is no better person to speak about ” and then follows a topic. It may be true, it may be a gimmick of a salesman. Let the words of the person speak, without setting the highest standard available.  Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire interviewed … Continue reading all for a thousand literary