ex-british ambassador shares

He wrote a book on his days as an ambassador in South Africa. He gave an inside look into the political and diplomatic world as attention was focussed on the last days of apartheid in South Africa.  Here you can watch an interview with Lord Renwick, in which he also talks about the situation in … Continue reading ex-british ambassador shares

the path of the snake

Many stories have been told about the dreadful disease Ebola. Stories about the origin of it (this is not the first Ebola-outbreak). Stories about heroism. Stories about panicking patients. Stories about promised money not given.  Here you find a story, about a female journalist who travels to Sierra Leone. 

africa’s peacemakers

For many people Africa is the continent of animals, deserts, conflicts, terrorism, hunger. The negatives often are in the foreground.  In this book to be launched there is ample attention for peacemakers from African descent. They all have won the Nobel Prize for Peace.  Where there is conflict, there is a chance for peace.