after brink

This contribution on the death of the South African writer André P. Brink pays attention to his political stance. Brink voiced his opinion on the apartheid-regime that he abhorred. The writer of this article, Leon de Kock wonders what will be the legacy of Brink’s political struggle.  At the bottom of this article you will … Continue reading after brink

nederlandse reacties op het overlijden

The Afrikaner language has its roots in the Dutch language. The language of the Dutch translation of the Bible, Statenvertaling (cf. King James Version), has helped to shape the Afrikaner language. In those olden days the Bible was one of the few books the early settlers and voortrekkers had. The relationship between Afrikaners and Dutch … Continue reading nederlandse reacties op het overlijden


Henriette Akofa relates her lifestory. This story starts in a small village in the West African country Togo. Here she is raised as the youngest of 6 children. Her father works as a police-inspector. This polygamous family is well-to-do. The family shuttles between the village in the countryside and the city Lomé. When she is … Continue reading review UNE ESCLAVE MODERNE