six-strong shortlist

Six authors have reached the shortlist of the 2015 International Prize for Arabic Fiction. Three writers come from Africa. The announcement was made in the Moroccon city of Casablanca (White House). Tunesia, Sudan and Morocco are represented.  The winner will be announced om May 6, in Abu Dhabi. 

what a lost prison manuscript

Photo-shopping is not a recent development. It has been made easier, due to the advancement of easily available technology. Pho-shopping has been used by the political powers. A good example is formed by the days of the comrades Lenin and Stalin. When someone fell out of favour with the dictator he was not only removed … Continue reading what a lost prison manuscript

another young shortlist

Yesterday I gave you a link to the shortlist for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction. I also mentioned that the shortlist would be announced today. The announcement has been made in Casablaca. Six authors are left, and seen from my African perspective, I am happy. Writers from Tunesia, Morocco and Sudan are still in … Continue reading another young shortlist

10 african children’s

What is a children’s book without illustrations? Childrens can release their fantasy on seeing a good illustration. A good illustration helps them to understand the portent of the story. Often the writer of a story is known, but what about the illustrator? It can easily happen that they are sidelined, while the author is getting … Continue reading 10 african children’s