martin sehlapelo on a peek inside

Robben Island and poetry do not seem to be likely bedfellows.  The harshness of Robben Island and its many memories show a dark side of life. On the other hand poetry has a light side as well. Martin Sehlapo spent time at Robben Island and he wrote poetry. Here you find an interview with him. 

power outage in nigeria inspired

Never Expect Power Always (=NEPA). At times the Nigerian Power Authority leaves people in the dark. It happend to the French journalist Pierre Cherruau when he worked in Nigeria. No electricity, no light, so what to do?  Pierre decided to light acandle, take a piece of paper and he started writing up till he finished … Continue reading power outage in nigeria inspired

short synopsis of the 2015

Here you find some more information on the shortlisted books for the International Prize for Arabic Fiction. Three out of the six books have a northern African origin. Tunesia, Morocco and Sudan are represented.