that old lady is really

Alexandra Fuller has written some good books on the history of her immediate ancestors, mainly her parents. She is also very much present herself in these books. The books are situated in the African countries where she and her parents lived (Kenya, Rhodesia, Malawi, Zambia). All the time being uprooted and trying to make a … Continue reading that old lady is really

praise for a ‘great intellectual’

She was born as Fatima-Zohra Imalayan, in the North African country Algeria. Later on in life she took another name: Assia Djebar. That was the name she used for her books, her many books, her excellent books. Now she has passed away. Here you can find a tribute to her life and her struggles for … Continue reading praise for a ‘great intellectual’

book seized by egyptian customs

Just the other day I wrote that the written word has a hard time in Sudan. Now some news from Egypt. Books have been taken by customs. I assume that the reason is not to encourage the personnel at the port to read more. The 400 copies of the book titled “Walls of Freedom” were … Continue reading book seized by egyptian customs

repression, religion and exile

Here you will find some more information about the books and writers who have been shortlisted for the International Prize for Arab Literature 2015. Three African country are present (or, to be more precise, writers from these countries).