a journey of self discovery

She puts in an effort to establish libraries in different countries in Africa. There is a large need for libraries, both large and small ones. There are many more efforts, but Africa is an immense continent and there is an need for the availability of books. Books will be an encouragement for especially children to … Continue reading a journey of self discovery

for me, writing is really an agony

When I reach the letter ‘F’ on my bookshelves I encounter three books by Alexandra Fuller. She has written about her younger days and her parents who have lived for many years in several African countries. They moved from Kenya, to Zimbabwe, to Zambia. In her books Alexandra follows in the footsteps of her parents … Continue reading for me, writing is really an agony

by 1939, albert camus understood

I recently read a book on French involvement with what is nowadays Algeria. As early as 1939 Albert Camus saw the problems with the French colony. He met many people, Algerians, whom he wanted to recruit for the local Communist party. Those were the days that people thought communism was a healthy concept. We now … Continue reading by 1939, albert camus understood