sudanese writers respond

The Sudanese writers Union has been closed by the Sudanese government. Do this Union must have done something good.  Three writers give their thoughts on this closure, first Mahfouz Bushra (writer and journalist), next is Najlaa Eltom (left and poet) and last is Amir Tag Elsir (novelist).   

on the heels of the sudanese writers

The relationship between the Sudanese government and Sudanese writers is not an easy one. In a country with dictatorial tendencies the government will try to silence all voices that speak independently or who oppose the dominant voice of the government.  The Sudansese writers have noticed the opposition of the government as this article shows. 

hommage a andré brink

The Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium) earlier this month awarded the South African writer André Brink with an honorary (honoris causa) degree. On his way back to his native country he passed away.  Now the University organizes an evening at which it will honour this writer. The event will take place at Brussels, the capital city … Continue reading hommage a andré brink

we are more than a feminist

We go back into time, we reach the year 1995. In this year FEMRITE was started by a few women in Uganda. This organisation is still going strong. We move back to our days for an interview with Hilda Twongyeirwe, the present coordinator of FEMRITE.


Every word I write about this book is a disgrace compared to the book itself. J. M. Coetzee, the South African writer and Nobel prize winner, has written a book on a man named David Lurie. He teaches literature at a college and we follow in detail his downfall due to sexual escapades. Lurie has … Continue reading review DISGRACE