mamokgethi phakeng: ‘language is political’

Language is an important vehicle for books (what an understatement! ;). The South African professor Mamokgethi Phakeng gave a speech in The Netherlands on the use of language and the political implications. This is very relevant in the situation of South Africa. English is one of the official languages in South Africa, but is it … Continue reading mamokgethi phakeng: ‘language is political’

sa writer ivan vladislavic wins

He has won a prestigious prize, a fairly new prize with a hefty sum of dollars. His name is Ivan Vladislavic and he is from South Africa. In his books Ivan explores the new realities of the post-apartheid situation in South Africa.  Here you find some more information on the writer and the prize. 

briewe van andan

His years in Paris (France) were a turning point in his life. He left his native South Africa in the oppressing days of apartheid and found an air of newness in the French capital. He came back to to the very and deep south to continue with his life and his writing. His little sister … Continue reading briewe van andan

novelist chibundu onuzo, sister compose

The elections are coming in Nigeria. There will be the opportunity to elect a president. Last Saturday I posted on my blog a haiku about these elections. The Nigerian Diaspora is not unaware of these elections, The London-based writer Chibundu Onuzo and her singing sister wrote a song about these elections. Listen to these songbirds.  … Continue reading novelist chibundu onuzo, sister compose