excellent writing anywhere

He does not worry about the dictum ‘African writer’. He does not care and pretends not to know the meaning of the expression. He admits it, while asitting at a pool in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.    He was born in the USA and has grown away from the roots of his parents. Tope Folarin talks … Continue reading excellent writing anywhere

damon galgut included

Roger Moore, better known to many as James Bond, started early in his career as the knight Ivanhoe. This brave knight did fight many battles with his sword. Ivanhoe was a creation of the Scottish writer and poet Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832). His historical novel on Ivanhoe was published in 1819/1820.  This Walter … Continue reading damon galgut included

taiye selasi explores

Taiye Selasi (in company ) discusses trends in todays world. Is the present generation more cosmopolitan than a previous one.  I at times think we need roots in order to be cosmopolitan. In many countries people (also young people) prefer smaller political units, i.e. in Spain. Examples from African countries can be given as well. … Continue reading taiye selasi explores