nigerian writer helon habila

His name travels the world now he has been awarded a prestigious Windham Campbell Prize. Helon Habila was born in Nigeria but now lives and works in the United States of America. It is not just the honour of being rewarded, but there is also a substantial amount of dollar to go with it. This … Continue reading nigerian writer helon habila

the african literary scene is small

A writer needs a publisher. Even when he or she enters the world of self-publishing he or she needs him/herself to be the publisher. But suppose you have finished your manuscript. The next step will be to find a publisher. How do you go about that? What is a good publisher? Here you find an … Continue reading the african literary scene is small

the importance of being human

He left his South Africa many years ago. He lives and writes and teaches and paints in the United States. He prefers to write in Eglish as his grasp of languages he lived with in his youth has faded.  In this interview he tells about the start of his first novel, a start by accident. … Continue reading the importance of being human