teacher and writer who believes

What is a good way to develop good reading habits in children?  Read the story of a secondary school teacher in Baringo, Kenya. Hidden in the enormous Rift Valley she spends time in writing and teaching and she would like children to enjoy reading, but is the publishing world in Kenya ready for that apporach? 

18th time of the writer

Later this month writers from South Africa will gather at the invitation of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (Durban, South Africa) for a festival of letters and words. In this article it is mentioned that writers will come from South Africa and Africa.  I thought that South Africa was part of Africa 😉  . NoViolet Bulawayo … Continue reading 18th time of the writer


Vamba Sherif is a writer who was born in Liberia. His father worked for some time at a university in Kuwait, so he spent some there as well. But in the end he moved to The Netherlands where he settled and wrote. He writes in English even in the land of the Dutchies.  In his … Continue reading review THE KINGDOM OF SEBAH