okediran endows literary prize

Nigeria has done it again. Or shoudl I say a Nigerian has done it. The man Wale Okediran has given money for a new literary prize. The prize will be in honour of another writer, the late Abubakar Gimba, who passed away recently.  The prize money will be Naira 200,00. So, no prize in pounds … Continue reading okediran endows literary prize

a visit to an iconic south african symbol

What is it to enter a new world in your own c0untry?  The South African writer Johan Vlok writes about a family that moves to a village in the Karoo. The book is titled ‘Karoo Dusk’.  There is also an Afrikaner language version “Die sirkel van bekende dingen”.  Here you find an excerpt, just to make … Continue reading a visit to an iconic south african symbol

silicon valley reads author

The name Silicon Valley is equivalent to the world of high-tec, the world of computers and all kinds of other difficult constellations.  But there is more to this valley. There are even people who read a book. March 24, the valley will receive the Zimbabwean writer NoViolet Bulawayo. It is part of the theme of … Continue reading silicon valley reads author