let’s celebrate ogot’s

Maybe to some she was the wife of Bethwell. But she was awoman in her own right: Grace Ogot, writer from Kenya. She was amultitalented woman: nurse, businesswoman, publisher, writer, politician.  She passed a way and she leaves a legacy. 

dilman dila on digital publishing

Recently I was given an e-reader. The person who gave this mean machine to me did not need it any longer. Maybe Person decided to read only printed books. Or Person had decided not to read at all. About a hundred books I have now downloaded on my e-reader. To be straight with you, I … Continue reading dilman dila on digital publishing

celebrated novelist back

He is now a celebrated author, this Ivan Vladislavic. He won an important literary prize and has now decided to haunt some of his old joints. He returns to the University of Wits (Johannesburg, South Africa) to help young prospective writers and teach them what he has learned in the many years of his writing.  … Continue reading celebrated novelist back

van doekvoet na eendvoet

One of the important segments of the literary world is the work of translation. Without translators and translations we would miss out on many brilliant books, brilliant thoughts, new avenues. But the job of a translotor is a difficult job. Travelling from one world to another. Living in two cultures at a time. Building bridges. … Continue reading van doekvoet na eendvoet

the folio society lecture

This evening you can have the opportunity to hear the celebrated Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It will be helpful when you are in London (UK), for she speaks at the first night of the Folio Prize Fiction Festival.  You have to pay £20, unless you are a student, out of work, or a senior citizen.