the long and short project

No matter what colour your literary system is: you need readers.  You can have your writers. You can have your publishing houses. You can have your bookshops. But where are the readers?  Have a look at a new initiative in South Africa. 

wonder woman in soweto

How many wonder women will there be in Soweto, that sprawling suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa? Soweto stands for ‘South Western Townships’, but already for many years has made a name for itself, with over a million people who live and work and sleep and relax there. I guess there are many wonderwomen in this … Continue reading wonder woman in soweto

pen sa’s q & a with rachel zadok

Rachel Zadok has written two novels and she initiated the Short Story Day Africa (SSDA). The short story day started in the United Kingdom. Rachel Zadok brought it to the southern parts of Africa, and now the whole of Africa has been included. Here she answers some questions on her own reading and writing habits. 

through the prism of a black dot

Roger Cohen is a man with a priestly background, noting his familyname. He has written a book on nhis mother. The book is titled ‘The girl from human street’. His mother had a tormented life.Cohen describes her life with two atte,mpts at suicide, he found notes of his parents and finally settled down to write … Continue reading through the prism of a black dot