nigerian laureate wole soyinka

Last Saturday and Sunday elections were held in the giant of Africa : Nigeria. Attentions was focused on the imcumbent president Jonathan Goodluck and his ooponent Buhari. One of the people who follows closely these elections is the Nigerian author Wole Soyinka.

In this interview Soyinka gives his opinion on these two candidates. He talks about a “very sinister force in force”. He knows what he is talking about. I am glad he knows. It is not clear to me. Does he talk about the influence of multi-millionaire tycoons who have spent many Naira on these elections and who want to see something in return? 

Do you have any ideas about this sinister force? 

Wole Soyinka said he was recently invited by Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian president, to discuss various issues.

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