thank you, dear comrade paul

Paul Morris did fight in Angola in those old days, when the South African Defence Force tried to eliminate opponents of the apartheid regime. Paul did some rethinking and cycling, took his peddlemachine to his former warzone. And he wrote a book about it, “Back to Angola”. Now a South African, Shani Haricharan, who took a … Continue reading thank you, dear comrade paul

these immigrants

I see two opposing trends. On the one hand I see a stress on the local situation in which people live. A movement of more political power for a small entity. On the other hand globalisation is getting stronger and stronger. In so many houses objects from all over the world have found a place. … Continue reading these immigrants

10 questions: ken barris and michael cope

Together these two man wrote one book. It dos not happen very often that two people write a book together. Some couples write many books together, like Nicci French and the Swedish duo Sjöwall and Wahlöö. All books on crime. So this is what these man from South Africa did as well, write a book … Continue reading 10 questions: ken barris and michael cope