narrating the self

Recently Cairo, the capital city of Egypt (have they built another one yet?), was the place for the Sixth International Cairo Forum. The theme of this Forum was “The Arabic Novel: The Shifts and Aesthetics of the Fictional Structure.”. One of the sessions at this Forum was on the ‘Arabic autobiography’. Here you find a report … Continue reading narrating the self

i endured four years

The writer Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond was born in the United States of America. Her parents had left Ghana, just as so many others had done and they had to afjust to the new life in the States. Nana was born in the States and at a young age she was sent back to Ghana and there … Continue reading i endured four years

no, ngugi can’t dictate

The issue of ‘language’ is not over and will never be over. In what language do you write? Is it the language you feel most comfortable in? Or will it be the language with the widest readership?  This topic came up during a festival in Durban, some years ago. Zukiswa Wanner reflects on these issues … Continue reading no, ngugi can’t dictate