excerpt from ayesha harruna attah’s

Ayesha recently published her second novel. The title of this novel is ‘Saturday’s Shadows’. The book is set in a fictious West African country, long after a civil war that is still very present in the minds and hearts of the people.  Here you find an excerpt of her novel. 

how women writers

How do we look at female writers? Do we see them from a different perspective than their mal counterparts?  The writer of this article (from her female perspective?)  has a few things to say about it and she has a closer look at the death of the writer Grace Ogot and how male writers mentioned … Continue reading how women writers

isis, hollywood, islam

Youssef Rakha is an Egyptian writer who looked at a horror movie, but was it a horror movie? Orangeclad men at a beach in northern Africa. Coptic men from Egypt, second class citizens in their own country Egypt. People with a history surpassing that of their islamic executioners.  What did happen here and what is … Continue reading isis, hollywood, islam