presenting ivan vladislavic’s

Do you like to read detectives? To follow the plot? Trying to figure out the way the story will develop? To be a bit more clever than the detective? Here you can find more information on a new collection of 101 detectives by the Ivan Vladislavic who recently won the 2015 Windham Campbell Prize. 

us university releases poetry book by angolan authors

Frederick Williams is a professor of Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies, at Brigham Young University. The Lusophone world is a world that is often neglected in the discussions on the literary scenes in Africa, for part of this Lusophone world is located of the African continent. Williams has published a collection on Angolan literature.  

the pen ten with yvonne adhiambo owuor

PEN America has decided to ask the Kenyan (but residing in Australia) writer Yonne Owuor a few question. It emerges she got into trouble once not wearing a safetybelt in a matatu. Normally a safetybelt is not needed, because the passengers are soooo squeezed there is no room to move left or right, forward or … Continue reading the pen ten with yvonne adhiambo owuor