the oba’s words matter

Comments made by the Oba in Lagos made headlines in Nigeria. Did he want to force people to vote for him? Would he drive Ibo into the nearest lagoon? Were there images of the civil war of decades ago? Do the Ibo have to be on their guard once again?  The traditional ruler really did … Continue reading the oba’s words matter

jurist presents book on constitutional law

In many African countries the constitution is debated. When a president wants to prolong his stay in office, but he is blocked by the constitution of his country, there suddenly arises the need to discuss the quality of the constitution and the need to change the constitution. Some leaders like to be in power. They … Continue reading jurist presents book on constitutional law

samira negrouche: the rythm of algiers

The 1990s were violent years in the North African country Algiers. The lady Samira Negrouche grew up in thise years. She spent time in the bookshop run by her grandfather. Now she is a writer and a medical doctor. She writes in French, the language of the former colonizer.  Here you find more information on … Continue reading samira negrouche: the rythm of algiers