book for africa: prosperity ?

The number of christians is still growing in Africa. Both in the urban and the rural areas.

Some of the growth is due to internal forces of pastors and other beleivers who take their faith seriously and live it in their daily lives. 

Some of the growth is due to external forces that have come to Africa to spreas their word. One of these forces is the socalled ‘prosperity gospel’, favourited in urban areas, where young professionals lock the churches whre this ‘gospel ‘of prosperity is preached. North American preachers present themselves in tv-shows to proclaim their message. Invest in a financial way in the ministry of this person and God will bless you abundantly with very down-to-earth blessings, your income will increase, your car will expand, your bussiness will thrive (and ofcourse the income of the prosperity preachers will increase as well).  

Recently an American prosperity preacher with the apt name Dollar started a campaign to raise money for his private plane. But these prosperity preachers not only come from outside the continent. Some areas have been a fertile soil for the African version. 

A few African pastors and North American pastors have come together to have a biblical look at this prosperity theology. They want to publish a book on this topic, geared towards pastors in African countries.

Here you can read more about this project. 

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