key note speaker: nnedi okorafor

The Igbo united in London, United Kingdom. They are not just Nigerians, or Americans or, but they seems to be foremost Igbo. For two days they congregated and they talkes and listened to speeches. The key note speech was delivered by the daughter of a midwife: Nnedi Okorafor. Here you see a video recording of … Continue reading key note speaker: nnedi okorafor

teaching african literature

Professor Evan Mwangi has decided to leave his teaching job in the United States of America. He applied for a job at an university in Meru, Kenya. Now he can teach African Literature the way he wants to teach it. He penned a few thoughts on the way African Literature is viewed at institutions of … Continue reading teaching african literature

celebrations lined up

The president of Ghana confessed the impression ‘Weep not, child’ made upon him when he read the book and he saw the importance of education. The president of Ghana is not the only one who has read this book and carried it with him/her in its intellectual and cultural bagage. Later this year  the East African … Continue reading celebrations lined up

out of africa, into loneliness

She left the places she loved and the people she loved to move to the United States of America. Over there, the disunity started to creep into her marriage. She had met her husband in Zambia, but they had decided to dislocate to the Sttates. Three children came and a sense loneliness. Alexandra Fuller writes … Continue reading out of africa, into loneliness