novel of equatorial guinea

Some writers complain about the western/northern preferences that dictate the writing of African writers. Same song about the Literary Prizes. Next refrain about Literary Festivals.  The minister of Culture and Tourism of Equatorial Guinea Guillermina Mekuy decided to look east, far east and she ended up in China.  Her third novel was published in this … Continue reading novel of equatorial guinea

chimamanda ngozi adichie recalls

There is a house in … , no, not New Orleans. Yes, there are many houses in this flooded town. I want to bring to your attention a house in Nsukka, Nigeria. There is a university, with the added campus. The father of Chimamanda was a professor  and lived with his family in a house … Continue reading chimamanda ngozi adichie recalls

we remember you in maputo

At many places what is strange is feared. At other places what comes from the outside is treated with distance. What happens in South Africa is not restricted to South Africa. We could remember the Nigerians kicked out of Ghana. We could remember the Ghanaians kicked out of Nigeria. We see Ukranian people leaving the … Continue reading we remember you in maputo


Etienne van Heerden (1954) is a South African writer. He was raised in a family where the Afrikaner language was the lingua franca. His mother was a teacher in mathematics and his father raised sheep. I do not know if this life near a sheepfarmer has inspired him or influenced him in writing this book … Continue reading review DIE STOETMEESTER