saah millimono’s award-winning

The civil war in Liberia left many scars in the hearts and minds and bodies of people in Liberia. Freedom does not come easy in this country.  A love story in a civil war? It is possible. At least on the pages of a book, written by Saah Millimono. He wrote the book ‘Boy Interrupted’. … Continue reading saah millimono’s award-winning

book ‘delírios de uma

I do not have much news from Angola. I did pay attention to that book by the former South African soldier Paul Morris who cycled to Angola to visit the old haunts where he did his job as a soldier. Now I have news about a new collection of poetry. Push this Poetry Link and … Continue reading book ‘delírios de uma

omar hazek: this is the bond

In some countries authors can live an ordinary life. They work in the morning, they write in the afternoon, they party in the evening (or just a slightly different schedule). For the Egptian writer Omar Hazeq (or Hazek) life is a bit different, ebventhough he possible has a schedule as well. Not chosen but forced. … Continue reading omar hazek: this is the bond

candid conversation

Another book has been launched recently. People came together at The Book Lounge, in South Africa. It is her first novel, she has published a collection of poems. But now Beverly Rycroft from Cape Town has published her novel ‘A slim, green silence’. At the launch she was interviewed by Finuake Dowling. You can join … Continue reading candid conversation