it is great being signed

Chibundu Onuzo lives in the United Kingdom, but does she live in the West? When you live in Belgium or The Netherlands your answer might be ‘yes’. But when you live in Morocco you have to give a different answer. From the point of Nigeria she lives in the north. So let us use geographical … Continue reading it is great being signed

achebe’s things fall apart satisfies

Chinua Achebe, the Nigerian author, passed away two years ago. His books made a lasting impression on generations of readers. Even after he himself fell apart.  One of the pople who were inspired by Achebe and his writing is Chris Abani, an author himself. Read more what Abani has to say about this influence. 

the pulitzer prizes

She made it to the list of finalists for the famous Pulitzer Prizes, but in the end when the final names were announced she was missing from the list of winners of the 2015 Pulitzer Prizes.  Her name and book were mentioned in the category ‘fiction’. She recounted a story about an expedition in the … Continue reading the pulitzer prizes