pearls in an oyster of ferment

The recent history of South Africa has produced a fair amount of books on the history of the country. In this article you will find some titles and writers who have made an impact with their books on recent and not so recent history.  

21 years of sa writing

In the olden days of apartheid books were banned, books that were not favoured by the government of the day. Things have changed since 1994. But what has changed in South African writing? Who are the new changemakers in the world of writing? Or do we have to conclude that much of the old literary … Continue reading 21 years of sa writing

post-liberation writing

In this article the writer and academic Leon De Kock searches for trends in the post-apartheid years in South Africa. One of the trends is crime-writing. Crime is not an unfamiliar feature in South African society, so that is reflected in the literary scene.   

chigozie obioma reads

This man has left Africa, that is what the article says. He has left Nigeria, probably is the better word. I hope I am correct with this Nigeria, as his first abode in life. He left and studied abroad and he started writing. He  has been compared to Chinua Achebe. What more do you need … Continue reading chigozie obioma reads

steve coogan to star in apartheid drama

Movies and books can go together. Sometimes a book is turned into a movie. Even a movie can be turned into a book. Sometimes the marriage betwewen the movie and the book is a good one. At other times I think the divorce has been settled before the marriage was pronounced.  Chris Marnewick lived and … Continue reading steve coogan to star in apartheid drama