weep not, child, a commentary

How many articles have been written on this famous book by the Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong’o (or was it James Ngugi in those days of publication in 1964)? Here is another one, looking at it from the perspective of masculinity and fatherhood. The writer of this article is Godwin Siundu.

are writers made or born?

The writer of this newspaper article raises an importanmt question for writers. But what is the answer? It seems to me that it is not one or the other, but a proper mix of both. It is about the mix of good old inspiration and transpiration. It is about ideas and hard work and selfcriticism.  … Continue reading are writers made or born?

readers’ corner: queer literature aside

Here you find some articles (or: letters to the editor) published by a Kenyan newspaper. One thread in these stories is the return of professor Evan Mwangi to take up a teaching post at a Kenyan university. In an article he expressed his concern on the welcome given to African Literature at colleges and universities … Continue reading readers’ corner: queer literature aside

i remember you from our days

The writer Mia Couto wrote an open letter to the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. The man from Mozambique remembers the days that Zuma lived in exile in the country north of the border. He wrote his letter in the days of the outburst of xenophobia in South Africa.  Couto remembers Zuma, when the … Continue reading i remember you from our days