a ‘soccer world cup approach’

One of the important places at a school and a community os a library. Students can sit down and study a book. People from the village can borrow a book. What could happen next? Maybe someone starts collecting his own books, reading about different situations, about different cultures and people.  Read here about the library … Continue reading a ‘soccer world cup approach’

nairobi’s top 10 male writers

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya (or the city in the sun, or the city smothered in trafficjams) has a keen collection of writers, male writers. It is even possible to make a top ten out of them. Here you find the list. Now we wait for a top ten of female writers, or LGBT … Continue reading nairobi’s top 10 male writers

109 authors in race

Is it about 109 authors or is it about 109 entries? This is not clear to me.  What is clear to me that it is all about The Nigeria Prize for Literature 2015. This prize has four categories. This year the entries are focussed on Children’s Literature.  What surprises me is the currency that is … Continue reading 109 authors in race