identity theft and the future

Shaun Randolf, the man of The Mantle, writes about the ever intriguing matter of language and literature. Colonial languages and non-colonial languages. By the way, is English a colonized language because of the French influence on the language since the days of William the Conqueror in 1066? 

I think that in this article Shaun confuses language and nationality. You can have one nationality and a multitude of languages at your disposal. Or dual citizenship and one language at your disposal.

Chinua Achebe wrote in English, one of the official languages in Nigeria. So I think his writing fits ‘Nigerian Literature’. When I follow the line of reasoning of Saun there will not be a Nigerian Literature, not just because everything English is excluded, but also because writing in Igbo would only be Igbo Literature, not Nigerian Literature. Literature in the Hausa language cannot be Nigerian Literature either, for it is spoken only in the northern part of Nigeria, but also because it is spoken in several other countries.  

In the article I missed the Arabic language that has conquered the northern part of the African continent. 

Well, have a look at the article by Shaun and be your own judge.





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