Jane Goodall, the Chimp Lady from Tanzania, wrote this book together with Marc Bekoff, a North American ethologist. Bekoff came up with ten trusts human part of nature has to deal with in their life in the midst of nature. Basic to their approach is that man is an animal. They approach animals on the basis of the individuality of each and every animal, each animal has a personality.

The ten trusts remind me of the Ten Commandmants we find in the bible, a book that has a few things to say about about the position of man in Gods creation. Man as caretaker of God´s creation. The position of the two writers is opposite the judeo/christian hertitage (and the islamic one as well?).  The attention in this book is not geared to the human species in the kingdom of animals. In this way these animals are a bit neglected, even when we love them (see subtitle of this book). 

It is their first trust to state we are part of the animal kingdom. The second trust is the respect for all life (reminds me of Albert Schweitzer). In many ways these trusts are worthwhile (protect nature together, have the courage to act etcetera).

This book is very much geared towards the North American market, with many examples of endangered life in North America. Not so much about Africa, where poaching is a great threat to nature (nurtured often by political ineptitude and trade relations with Asian countries where ivory and rhino-horn are very much in demand).

I thought there would be some attention to the pettification of western society, the enormous amount of pet animals in homes. From the point of animal welfare it is not commendable to raise huge dogs at a small appartment. And what about angling? 

Eventhough the writers say farewell to the judeo-christian thoughts about the position of man in creation, there is a religious breeze in this book.   

Jane Goodall and Marc Bekoff – The ten Trust: What we must do to care for animals we love – 2002

The Ten Trusts

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