lorna dadi: writing is more

Living in Tanzania and a Chinese publisher publishes your first book? This is what happened to Lorna Dadi. She is not a professional writer, for she is involved in the world of construction consultancy. Now in her book she has constructed words and sentences and chapters. Her first book is titled ‘Vipanda vya maisha vilivyopotea’. … Continue reading lorna dadi: writing is more

in memoriam: eritrea’s

The people of Eritrea, at home and abroad, have lost one of their sons, the writer and poet Tesfamariam Woldemariam. From a studentleader in the heady days to a man who joined the liberation movement. He was a nationalist but strongly influenced by European thinkers, like Karl Marx and Jean-Paul Sartre. Two thinkers who are … Continue reading in memoriam: eritrea’s