bbc radio 3’s young artist day

The BBC higlights five young artists fromm fields afar: dance, design and also literature. One of these young people is the writer Chibundu Onuzo. She wrote at an early age (she is still very young !) The Spider King’s Daughter.

does kamel daoud need

It is clear that the majority of books written in non-English have not been translated into English. It seems that in bookshops in England you will hardly find a non-English writer that lives and works outside this country. There is a world to win for publishers and readers. PEN encourages translations with its ‘PEN Promotes … Continue reading does kamel daoud need

young, gifted and valid

At a young age she left for London, she left behind Lagos. She went to be a been-to, but she stayed on. She went to do het secondary education in the metropolis. Another world. But still many things are similar. Chibundu Onuzo writes about her experiences and the task she set herself to write a … Continue reading young, gifted and valid

writers need money for their hard work

How many writers on the African continent are able to make a living from their writings? I have no idea, but I assume not many can. Many need another job to keep them fed and clothed (or a rich husband or wife). Yewande Omotoso is an architect and a writer and she answers questions in … Continue reading writers need money for their hard work

enoh meyomesse, cameroonian writer

The Cameroonian writer Dieudonné Enoh Meyomesse spent time in prison in his native Cameroon.  Aftre three years he kicked out of his cell and his prison. He was accused of multiple misdeed, like armed robbery. There has been an intensive lobbying to get him released and now he walked out, into freedom, probably the relative … Continue reading enoh meyomesse, cameroonian writer