arabic literature in translation

Sometimes I wonder if the work of a translator is more difficult than the work of a writer. The writer lives in his own world, with his own ideas, his own protagonists, his own development of a plot (if present). The translator, however, has to enter the world of the writer and the world of … Continue reading arabic literature in translation

145 writers sign letter

The dust has not settled yet. PEN American Center decided to give an award to the editorial board of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. Later on this moth an event will be held (at a price!) to had over the award. Initially six writers decided to withdraw from the event, where they would have … Continue reading 145 writers sign letter

pen has every right

The PEN American Center has decided to award the editors of Charlie Hebdo, but two writers with African roots did not agree. They decided to protest against thee award. Their names are Teju Cole and Taiye Selasi. Another writer with African roots, Alain Mabanckou, decided to be there and he is in favour of the … Continue reading pen has every right

free all speech

Tomorrow the event will be held: the award for Charlie Hebdo given by Pen American Center. But not everyone who was scheduled to be there will be there at the head of a table to be hosts to a table and its inhabitants.  Six writers who were invited to be co-hosts declined the invitation (among … Continue reading free all speech

six écrivains

What is free speech? Is it the right of every citizen to speak his or her mind? (within the confines of the law or regardless the law?) Is it a duty ? What about the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, that was attacked earlier this year? The PEN American Center has decided to award the … Continue reading six écrivains

alain mabanckou remettra le

In the Dutch capital Amsterdam a meeting was held past weekend with an illustrous guest from Denmark. Westergaard made cartoons on the prohet Mohammed. His life is in permament danger, already for many years. The Dutch PEN chapter decided to withdraw from the organization of the event at which the cartoonist was one of the … Continue reading alain mabanckou remettra le