promote local languages

The issue of language is still present. In this article the focus is on the use of language at primary school? There has been a directive by the Kenyan government that the mother tongue should be used as the language of instruction during the first three years at primary school.

This matter of mother tongue in itself is a difficulty at primary school. For instance, what will be the language of the child when his mother and his father speak different mother tongues? Will the child follow the mother? Will the child follow the father? Will the child be bi-lingual? 

Next, there may be secluded areas (maybe like Kabartonjo, where the writer of that article works) where there is only one mother tongue. All the children are fluent in Kalenjin or Turkana or Pokot. But what about a Pokot child that attends a primary school in Nakuru? What language to use as the language of instruction?

Another next:  in a multicultural setting of towns many languages will be spoken. In one class children from different backgrounds will mingle and listen to the same teacher. It seems to me that the use of a lingua franca will be preferable: the use of Swahili or English, even in lower primary. 


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