objective assessment of the good and bad

The legacy of the apartheid years is still very present in South Africa. We had discussions on the statue of Cecil Rhodes (no discussions have I seen yet on the need to abstain from the scholarships named after the very same man) and the statue was removed. To remove a statue is one thing, but to have a clear look at the past is a different kettle of fish (or mieliepap).

But how to get a clear look? What kind of glasses do you wear when you look at the past? Are your glasses shaded? What are the standards you use for deciding something is good  or bad (or a mixed bag)? This is an issue that came up when a column by Allister Sparks was published in the South African magazine ‘Business Day’. In it he made a reference to one of the architects of the age of apartheid, the Dutch-born Hendrik Verwoerd. 

Raising the BarSongezo Zibi, editor of the Business Day, explains the steps that were taken concerning this column. 

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