booker questionnaire: w m hutchins

The translators are the people in the shadows. Without these shadows we would not notice the light. The better the shadows, the clearer the light.  William Maynard Hutchins (1944) is one of those translating shadows. He has been translating from Arabic into English. He translated work by the famous Egyptian writer Naguib Mahfouz. From Egypt he … Continue reading booker questionnaire: w m hutchins

six african novels

Here is one of those lists. For those who start their journey into African Literature a list like this one can be helpful. Some books are recent, some have aged. Mainly from South and West Africa, with one exception: a book with Moroccon roots by a writer in the diaspora.  

taiye selasi pens ‘love your curls’

She is known for her afropolitism. She is know for her ‘Ghana must go’ She is known for her curls. Now Taiye Selasi has written a digital book on her curls, not just for girls, but everyone is entitled to download the book. It is all in cooperation with DOVE (I do not get any money from … Continue reading taiye selasi pens ‘love your curls’

the african renaissance

Nana writes about the renaissance in African Literature over the last few years. She talks about the issue of language (Ngugi !), the identity of the African writer and the influence of the diaspora. 

cain prize 2015 writers’ workshop

Earlier last month a writers’ workshop was held in Elmina, Ghana. This place used to be infamous as the last African place that young people who were transported as slaves to the western hemisphere would see. This time Elmina was a place of liberation for young aspiring writers who got the opportunity to attend a … Continue reading cain prize 2015 writers’ workshop