flf director ann donald responds

The storm continues in different ways concerning the perceived white literary system in South Africa. The debate gained momentum at the recently held Franschhoek Literary Festival. Many people joined the chorus, but did they all sing the same tune? Here is a contribution by the director of the Franschhoek Literary Festival. 

Athol Fugard – making music with words

He is an outstanding playwright, with a wealth of plays behind his name. Actors from all over know his name. On m,y shelves I have one of his plays from 1974. The man has been around for some time. Here you find some information on him and his soon to be broadcast play on the … Continue reading Athol Fugard – making music with words

cobra shortlisted

The South African crimewriter Deon Meyer has been shortlisted for a dagger. This dagger is not intended to be the next weapon of mass destruction on the karoo of South Africa.  The dagger refers to the Crime Writers’ Association International Dagger. On the 30th day of June, this year, the awards will be handed out in … Continue reading cobra shortlisted