on caressing the creative energy

This article explores the fields of the creative processes. Well, not all of them, there might just be a few too many of them around. But this is just a glimpse into this world of uncatchable things. Why can you write page after page one day and the next you hardly manage to finish one … Continue reading on caressing the creative energy

dearth of hausa books

Ina da aika? One of the questions on the African continent is the question of language in Literature. What language to use? Do writers choose a language that is not their mother / father tongue? Do they fit in with the languages that others brought to the continent, for instance Arabic or Afrikaner?  Helen Aisha … Continue reading dearth of hausa books

shaken by violence of white privilege

Here is a strong worded contribution by the angelic writer Malaika Mahlatsi, who writes about the violence that was meted out on her. She was on panels at the Festival at Franschhoek and she got disapproving stares, heads were shaken. Read her voice of anger.