breaking the silence

One thing that strikes me in all the commotion that came out of Franschhoek Literary Festival (South Africa) is the attempt to describe other people’s moods, emotions, expressions. I think it would be helpful if people talked and wrote about their own position and their own emotion.  Another thing is that people claim black stories … Continue reading breaking the silence

behaving badly

The debate still rages on since the remarks made at Franschhoek Lietarry Festival (South Africa). Anger has been vented. Replies have been given. Articles have been written. Tweets have gone viral.  Many things are not clear to me. One thing I might see: people are grouped together. Labels are attached to these groups. Individuals disappear … Continue reading behaving badly

wole soyinka dismisses claims

‘A chair of beauty is a joy forever’. ( a bit of Keats) Poetry is a dangerous passtime. To wield words like a sword. To confront your opp0nent. To select the right weapon. Is this what is happening at Oxford and among those who have studied at Oxford? What do the swordsmen look at? It … Continue reading wole soyinka dismisses claims

Unza Donates Books to Kalulushi Library

The life of a library is a difficult life. At many places , and not just in African countries, libraries heavily depend on subsidies. Often local government has decided to support a library, maybe even corporations may dig deep in their pockets.  The university of Zambia has decided to help a local library with textbooks. … Continue reading Unza Donates Books to Kalulushi Library