writer isabel ferreira

One of the underestimated connections between an African country and the world outside of the continent is the relationship between Brazil and Lusophone countries in Africa. Already in the slave-trading days there were connections made by the Portugese. At some places on the westcoast of Africa a Brazil-inspired style in architecture can be found.  The … Continue reading writer isabel ferreira

i wrote one of my first novels

His early reading was the Bible and the Roman Catholic Prayer Book (Missal). Those were the books that were available in the house he was raised in, in his Equatorial Guinea. Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel also talks in this interview about the books he has read recently.

you speak so well

Franschhoek is not over yet. The Literary Festival in South Africa was put in the limelight by the South African writer Thando Mgqolozana when he spoke out and said he would no longer attend those white literary festivals. At the very moment he pronounced these words cowdung was flying around and others joined the fray.  … Continue reading you speak so well