why being a good writer is not enough

One of the members of the jury of the Cain Prize for African Literature is the man from Zimbabwe, Brian Chikwava. In this article he writes about what makes people tick when they read a short story. What have other members of the jury said in the past about judging a good story? 

bié: writer mendonça jonatão releases new book in cuito

It seems that the English and French languages are dominating the African literary scene. Many prizes are collected by those writers who use these languages in their works. But let us not forget the Lusophone world that is still present on the continent.  Here some more information on a book published in Angola, not only … Continue reading bié: writer mendonça jonatão releases new book in cuito

what can we learn from

The scars of the days of apartheid are still present. The scars in souls, in the visible landmarks, in the memories of people, collective and individual.  Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela wrote a book about these scars in South Africa. Here you find part of her book ‘Dare we hope?’, on the situation of Eugene de Kock.