i’am a captive of feminist

The Ugandan writer Doreen Baingana won the 2006 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for her book Tropical Fish. In this article she talks about the influence of writers like Tony Morrison and Nadine Gordimer on her own writing. And the importance of certain letters written by the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke.

Review FATWA

At the end of her biographical book, Jacky Trevane (not her real name) gives two reasons for writing her book. One is: to get to terms with the events in her life that she describes in her book. The second reason: a warning to romantic souls.  She was a romantic soul. This British lady travels … Continue reading Review FATWA

winners in new found freedom

Here you will find some more information on the two winners of the 2014 University of Johannesburg writing in English. One winner is an established writer, Zakes Mda, the other, Penny Busetto, is awarded for her debut. One similarity of the two awarded books is the setting outside South Africa, even outside the continent. 

david livingstone online

In a recent article in The Guardian the Nigeria-born writer Chibundu Onuzo mentions the famous missionary and explorer David Livingstone as an example of a white person who went to Africa, so why should not a black person travel unhindered to Europe.  I just discovered a website on the life and work of David Livingstone … Continue reading david livingstone online