we are not savages

He gave a lecture at Kenyatta University, in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. This is the place where he used to lecture, before he was detained in 1977.  Now Ngugi wa Thiong’o is back for a visit, for the celebrations on his novel ‘Weep not child’, that was published 50 years ago.  He spoke … Continue reading we are not savages

winners of the 2015 media24

Some more bookawards. The names have been made known today in Cape Town (South Africa). Some famous names are included, e.g. Antjie Krog for her latest collection of poetry.  Full the full list read here. 

j.m. coetzee and the life of writing

The writer has met his book. The South African (but living overseas) writer J. M. Coetzee has been honoured by a book written about his work as a writer. The book has been launched by the writer David Atwell who had access to many resources. At a meeting at a bookshop he was involved in … Continue reading j.m. coetzee and the life of writing

i can’t wait for a black’s-only

There is still some serious fall-out from the Franschhoek Literary Festival.  For those who no longer want to sit at the panels in front of a mainly white audience, there may be a new future: a blacks-only literary festival. I do not know if this blacks-only is by force, by invitation, by expectation, by divination. … Continue reading i can’t wait for a black’s-only