the odd couple

A book has been published on the man, a biography on Eugene de Kock: Assassin for the State. He has been in prison, he has been released and now he is protected. He led a police unit at Vlakplaas, that fought against the anti-apartheid activists.  In this article you will find more information on the work … Continue reading the odd couple

fifty years ago

Yes, it has been fifty years ago. In those day of old the book ‘ Weep not child’, written by James Ngugi, was published. The writer of this article (another Ngugi) puts forward the mental attitude needed to write a book, but also the mental attitude that we see in the characters in this classic … Continue reading fifty years ago

soyinka’s supporters for oxford

He is one of the poets that is mentioned for the chair of Professor of Poetry at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom). Many people who have studied now take the opportunity to canvas for votes in the election that is forthcoming. There are five candidates. All graduates and present students at Oxford can register … Continue reading soyinka’s supporters for oxford

eusebius mckaiser to chair a panel discussion

And the next episode on the all-blacks and the all-whites in literary circles in South Africa. Thando Mgqolozana made a moving contribution at the Franschhoek Literary Festival when he sat at a panel. He made known that he will no longer attend white literary festivals. Some other writers had preceded him, other followed.  McKaiser was … Continue reading eusebius mckaiser to chair a panel discussion