troost in goed en slechte tijden

The Zimbabwean poet Togara Muzanenhamo (1975) is being interviewed, ahead of his presence at the Poetry Internation 2015 Festival in The Netherlands. He is international, born and raised in Zimbabwe, he studied in The Hague and in paris, and he worked in Zimbabwe and England.  Even when you do not understand the Dutch language it is worthwhile … Continue reading troost in goed en slechte tijden

insolence, exile , and the kingdom

Sometimes a book makes a slow start. It is published, but hardly anyone notices the book. Maybe it is due to the publishing house, due to the publicity, or lack of it, due to a perceived obscurity of the place and/or the writer.  Then a larger publishing house takes over and the book is gathering … Continue reading insolence, exile , and the kingdom

the tortured past that we

Each country has to come to terms with its own past. The past with its lighter sides and its darker sides and its shady bits. The past is not one object with fixed colours, or a lack of colours. Our views of the past may change, due to ourselves, due to new information on our … Continue reading the tortured past that we

ngugi wa thiong’o lectures

He was back at the place where he used to be and work and lecture and be a professor. The place is Kenyatta University in Nairobi, the city in the sun.  Ngugi wa Thiong’o is on a visit to Kenya. His famous novel ‘ Weep not child’ was published fifty years ago. He went to … Continue reading ngugi wa thiong’o lectures