the immortals: the ngugis

Their return to Kenya has not gone unnoticed. In front the writer Ngugi was Thiong’o who celebrates 50 years of Weep not child. He is accompanied by his children who are not foreign to the pen and words and books themselves. 

i wanted to prove a black person

Here is someone who is not angry. The speaker refers to the anger that came out of the Franschhoek Literary Festival in South Africa. It was about the literary scene in the South. About the divide: be it colour, race, class, money, district, rural or urban. Here talks the owner of African Flavour Books, Fortiscue Helepi. … Continue reading i wanted to prove a black person

i do feel like a bit of

Here is the voice of one from the publishing community. What is the role of the publisher in the ongoing debate that started at the Franschhoek Literary Festival (South Africa)? One of the panelists at that Festival said he would no longer attend white literary festivals. This caused quite a stir, not just at the … Continue reading i do feel like a bit of

secret journeys

I remember watching ‘ A passage to India’ in a cinema in downtown Nairobi. The place was crowded, very crowded. The people behaved as if at a soccermatch. Shouts and cheers and boos and clapping and deep silence and despair and hope. It was visible and audible. When the character Richard Fielding walked out of … Continue reading secret journeys

franschhoek makes me uncomfortable

And on the story goes, sometimes with mudslinging, sometimes with sensible statements, sometimes with extrapolation, sometimes with a focus on reading a good book, by whatever kind of author. It is the story started at Franschhoek Literary Festival about attending or not attending White Literary Festivals (insert any other colour you might prefer).  Max du … Continue reading franschhoek makes me uncomfortable

concerning franschhoek violence

I lost count of the chapters in this story without beginning and without ending. It started in a French corner, a place where protestant descendants of persecution in France settled, ages ago.  But this Franschhoek is still a protestant place, a place of people who protest.  The writer Mike van Graan looked at the field … Continue reading concerning franschhoek violence