we need a service delivery protest directed

What is the core of the problem? According to Mandla Langa writers, black writers, should be the agents of change. Change should not be expected form others, but form the black writers themselves. Is this the core problem? Have a look for yourselves.  

south africans don’ t take literature

Here are some quotes from the South African writer Sihle Khumalo on the ongoing debate about the literary system in South Africa. These are some of the things he said during a debate on the issues raised at Franschhoek Literary Festival. There was a debate on the issues of race, and class and books and … Continue reading south africans don’ t take literature

ngugi wa thiong’o speaks

He is back in town. He had some meetings with politicians, far and wide on the spectrum. All these meetings were in private. Now he has ventured out into the wide open spaces and he went to a secondary school, in Nairobi, Kenya. When you follow this link you will see and hear what Ngugi … Continue reading ngugi wa thiong’o speaks